APPOLO REGGAE MALI  BAMAKO SEGOU  TOMBOUCTOU DJENNEE DÉMOCRATIE  LIBERTÉ DICTATURE  CORRUPTION CHANGEMENT RÉVOLUTION  REGGAE JAH RATASFARI I am from Mali, and wanted to sing about problems and suffering of my people and my continent. How and then I realised that those problems and pains were the same in the rest of the world.

Then I took from traditional rhythms from my country, as various as they could be, maried those rhythms to Reggae music, and called it "APPOLO REGGAE". I wish to share the cultural richness of Africa with the whole world, claiming for Justice, Human Rights Respect, Equality, Peace and Love, Self-Feeding Suffisance, Health and Education for every people on Earth.

Bafing kul

BAFING KUL Free my country; Single for the entire libération of Mali
When the international community mobilizes to help Mali to recover its sovereignty over the whole territory, with a message of encouragement for Mali's people, the committed Malian artist Bafing kul launches his new single "Free my country" ("Nka djamana ka horonya" en malien).
Discover and stream the video "Free my country", and give back a glimmer of hope to Mali.